There is no force equal to that of a determined woman.
Maintaining a work-life balance can be overwhelming. Between building a career, fulfilling obligations to family and friends, and marking off an impossible to-do list, there is barely anytime left to take care of yourself.
Bespoke is an online fashion store launched by women, for fashion-forward women; with a number one priority of keeping you chic and up-to-date with the latest styles & trends. The four founders of the website, Yasmine, Heba, Hania & Maiada came together to present a diverse, contemporary collection of women’s wear distinguishable through their four unique tastes, styles and body types.
Bespoke’s collections are specifically curated to have you well-dressed and ready to seamlessly navigate through parties, dinners and even everyday errands, keeping in mind your unique taste and busy lifestyle.  You have a special event
in less than a week? You can order multiple options, to be delivered in 72 working hours, try them on and return what doesn’t suit you.
Don’t have the time to do your seasonal shopping abroad? Our collections are updated every 3 weeks for a fresh wardrobe ordered from the comfort of your own home.
We’re here for the elegant, urban woman.